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Shipping 4,99€, FREE Shipping over 100€
Europe + UK:
€ 8 shipping cost
€ 12 shipping cost
Average shipping times: 
Germany: 2-5 working days
Europe: 5-9 working days
Worldwide: 7-14 working days
Due to the high volume of shipments caused by lockdowns around the globe from COVID 19 - closures and increased border controls, it may take a few extra days to receive your package. This is beyond our control and we appreciate your patience.
We urge you to please double check and make sure the correct size is ordered to minimize shipping costs incurred from ordering an incorrect size. 
(see above for downloadable size guides)
We do not refund the shipping costs for returns on size corrections.
Please keep in mind that our bracelets are handcrafted
and made to order at our headquarters in Berlin. 
We are not Amazon and this is not a mass produced product. If you have questions regarding your order, it helps us tremendously if you provide your order number in your communications. 
Our office hours:
Monday - Friday bis 10:00-18:00 Uhr.
we prefer to be reached via email at 
if its an absolute must - via telephone +49 (0) 30 31 48 48 61
As we like to keep our "Handmade in Germany" bracelets at affordable prices, We have to factor in the cost of staff to handle returns due to customers not taking the time to order the correct size. We hope that you'll take a care in this regard. Thanks for your understanding.